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👨‍💻👨‍🏫 Developer Advocate

📆 2018-now

📍San Francisco CA 🇺🇸

📝Articles 📹Videos 🎤Talks

When I was living in Barcelona I got to meet many Typeform team members. They were using 3scale to power their first attempt at platform: At that time I had great conversations regarding the platform strategy and followed closely the infrastructure reorg that led to current microservice architecture and APIs.

Naturally, I joined Typeform when they opened the San Francisco office to be their first Developer Advocate part of the Platform team. Excited by the opportunity to build both a community and an ecosystem.

Typeform platform now has more than 10,000 apps and more than 500M API calls per month.

Now, part of the Partnerships team I worked closely with Partners to help them build the best app for our common customers, while nurturing our relationship with independent developers.

We were lucky enough to be invited to be launch partners on many platforms (Intercom, Canva, Airtable,...). I've built and maintained a few of those integrations, playing guinea pig for our partners with great enthusiasm 😉

At Typeform, I have the chance to work in a cross-functional role, talking with almost everyone in the company, from CS to Product, including Sales and Marketing.


👨‍💻 Hacker in residence 👨‍🏫 Developer Advocate

📆 2013-2018

📍San Francisco CA 🇺🇸 📍Barcelona 🇪🇸

📝Articles 📹Videos 🎤Talks

I was passionate by APIs so it felt natural to join a leader in the API management space, helping others execute their API strategy.

As a Developer Advocate I got the chance to give talks at meetups and conferences around the world, and sharing knowledge about API design and best practices with entrepreneurs.

I was part of the Marketing team, I was writing content and giving talks on API strategy.

Working in a cross-functional environment was really the highlight of this experience, I really enjoyed being close to product, sales and customers.

In Barcelona I helped coordinating API Meetup BCN, gathering the local community a few times every year. In 2016, I was a program chair for APIDays Barcelona dedicated to chatbots.


👨‍💻👨‍🏫Developer Advocate

📆 Jan 2013 - Jul 2013

📍EMEA 🇪🇺

Mailjet (eFounders 11, acquired by Mailgun in 2019) is the leading European email solution for transactional and marketing emails.

In 2013 Mailjet was starting their developer outreach strategy. I consulted with them to help them getting started also help recruit their Developer Relations teams.

I helped showcasing APIs and features at hackathons, meetups and conferences around EMEA.


👨‍💻Web Developer

📆 2011-2012

📍Menlo Park, CA 🇺🇸

🏅Patent - Fraud detection based on social data

This was my first experience in Silicon Valley, giving me the opportunity to discover the world of APIs and hackathons.

Ifeelgoods provides a digital rewards solution to brands to boot their sales At the time ifeelgoods was a preferred Facebook to distribute Facebook Credits.

Using Rails I've built Facebook applications developed anti-fraud system (patented), done prototyping and research on new features and partners integrations.


MKGSi ^ Black Amber Realms

👨‍💻Web Developer

📆Feb 2010

📍Shanghai, China 🇨🇳

I built a Facebook Application called *Singe Vert.*

The idea was to adopt an intelligent monkey. The monkey would then guess what you were currently thinking about by asking you a serie of questions.

Université de Moncton


📆Summer 2009

📍Moncton, Canada 🇨🇦

Internship in the Greti Lab on a research about Impact of P2P traffic on the QoS of ISP supervised by Professor Jalal Almhana.

Project: Conception of a tool built in C++ to study traffic with different constraints on it.

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