<aside> 💡 I am a passionate hacker, curious and interested in building meaningful technology communities, that's why I have become a Developer Advocate.


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The first time I approached programming, I was 10. At that time I was using Microsoft Word to save pages in HTML to then later upload them via FTP. Since then I never stopped experimenting with technology.

For the last 7 years, I have dedicated myself to Developer Relations, where I can wear many hats, juggle with projects, and keep challenging myself to never get bored.

I experienced different environments from a small startup like 3scale , at a bigger one like Typeform or in Enterprise scale company at Red Hat.

Currently, I am living in San Francisco and working as a Developer Advocate for Typeform. I am hosting a monthly meetup for Developer Advocates with more than 800 members.

Hope you can find here what you were looking for, please reach out if you have any question, I would love to help 😉


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